Outdoor Screening with Oscillation Transia Film Festival

On June 14th we presented a solar energy workshop and an outdoor screening (powered entirely by solar energy) in collaboration with Oscillation Transia Film Festival at the Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Visitor Center. James Redford’s fascinating film HAPPENING: A CLEAN ENERGY REVOLUTION headlined the event. The film poses the question of whether renewables will ever replace fossil fuels.

The film was preceded by a screening of Jon Bowermaster’s short film GROWING WITH THE GRAIN. Bowermaster presented his film and led an animated discussion. His film offers insight into the recent boom in small grains research in the Hudson Valley and how local farmers, brewers, bakers, and consumers are all benefitting.

Austin Krause of Oscillation Transia Festival taught us about the incredible cost-effective benefits of solar energy and the many ways to introduce clean energy into our homes, and about how New York State is one of the most progressive in the nation in offering clean energy incentives.