Woodstock Film Festival Unveils 20th Anniversary Poster

WFF201918x24poster-export-press (3).jpg

Our 2019 poster has been announced! This year’s poster features art by local artists Beck Underwood and Adam Blaustein Rejto.

Since it is our 20th anniversary, we wanted to find artists who truly understood the spirit of the festival and what it brings to the community it serves. Beck and Adam have known each other since the first festival in 2000 and have continued to be involved ever since, making them a perfect fit in this collaborative team.

Their whimsical design wonderfully depicts what it means to be “fiercely independent,” drawing on our native backdrop of the Catskills.

We would like to thank both Beck Underwood and Adam Blaustein Rejto for their hard work and beautiful design.

Signed limited edition prints and posters, as well as t-shirts, hats and commemorative merchandise are available for purchase at The Film Center at 13 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY, or click here.