Catherine Hardwicke’s Miss Bala hitting theaters Friday February 1st

Production designer turned director Catherine Hardwicke, with mega hits like Twilight and Sundance hits like Thirteen under her belt, has recently completed the remake of Miss Bala, coming out theatrically Friday February 1st, courtesy of Sony.


Hardwicke is one of the top commercially and artistically successful female directors working in Hollywood today. Miss Bala, which was shot in Tijuana, employed cast and crew which was 95% latino. 

Hardwicke, a friend of the Woodstock Film Festival, attended the festival in 2016 where she gave a master class in filmmaking, participated in a panel, and served on the World Cinema jury.


“As a woman, I do want to pave the way for more women and inspire more women. So, the more female directors that take these jobs, accomplish the task and do something amazing with it, is gonna be great for the future. Just recently, I had the opportunity to meet a young girl from a small town in Peru. She said she was looking at a DVD for Twilight, and once she saw that a woman directed it, it blew her mind. Then, for the first time, she told her parents, “I’m going to be a director.” Ten years later, she’s showing a short film at the Academy in L.A. It was amazing. So, if we keep paving the way, more and more women can kick ass. Yes, we gotta do it.“ - The Hollywood Reporter

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter