"For the 2017 edition of the self-declared 'fiercely independent' fest, the programming was eco-friendly, class-conscious, gender-aware and racially sensitive — a fitting environment for the handful of host towns surrounding the area." - Variety

"Honoring the young and the old, endorsing community, advocating inspiration and lauding humanitarian gestures — all sentiments that sum up Woodstock and its 'Fiercely Independent' film festival quite well." - Hollywood Reporter

"I've always heard such amazing things about the Woodstock Film Festival and now, having finally been there, it ranks among my favorite festival experiences--the crowds, the energy, the staff, the lack of pretentiousness, and the beauty of the town all made it a magical experience.”  - Matthew Heineman, 2018 recipient of the Filmmaker of Distinction Award. Director, A Private War, City of Ghosts, Cartel Land

"The Woodstock Film Festival is a haven for those who love independent and challenging cinema.  The spirit of the Namesake of the festival is in the very fiber of the festival itself - freewheeling, experimental, searching and visionary.”  - Julie Taymor, The Lion King, Frida, Across the Universe (2018)

"It was an incredible experience - truly magical in so many ways! We are truly appreciative of the community you and your team create - and the amount of support and love that you share with all of the film teams who are lucky enough to participate.” - Juliane Dressner, director, Personal Statement (2018)

"It's a great festival... It's what a film festival should be, which is really independent films and showcasing the work of filmmakers you might not know about, I love that, and Woodstock is a town that goes hand and hand with that. I can't think of another place that seems better suited to have an independent film festival than Woodstock." –Paul Rudd, actor

"It’s a festival that I always love coming to. l tell all my filmmaking friends, you gotta go to Woodstock. It's the most fun, it's a great atmosphere, the films are great and it's the perfect time of year to come."

-Rob Meyer, director, Little Boxes (2016)

"The Woodstock Film festival is among the finest of a dying breed: a festival that isn't trying to sell you anything, but simply and beautifully celebrating the art & craft of filmmaking." -Ethan Hawke, actor

"The Woodstock Film Festival continues to be the best! It encompasses all that is great about film festivals: New and cutting-edge talent, enthusiastic and engaged audiences, and a warm and welcoming vibe – all with the gorgeous Hudson River Valley as a backdrop. It's a must for filmmakers."  -Barbara Kopple, Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker

"Had a blast and can't wait to come back. Woodstock Film Fest is not a place to buy or sell films… it’s just a great place to watch them and talk about them with other indie film fans. It’s really pure in that way."
-Mark Duplass, writer/actor, Creep (2014)

"I can't begin to thank you for being so kind and supportive to the whole Cold Brook 'band of no goods! Whatever journey the movie takes from this day forward I'm so proud to say that it all began in Woodstock. To say that we had a great time would be a massive understatement. This will not be the last time that Iq attend the Woodstock Film Festival.” - William Fichtner, actor, Cold Brook (2018)

"I’m still high from the weekend. Such an incredible time, incredible people and a special place. I’ll never forget it!” - Paul Starkman, director, Wheels (2018)

"Thank you so much for having us at the festival.  It was so much fun!  It was an honor to be a part of it. We had a fantastic time.  All your people were so cool and the vibe of the whole festival was inclusive, unpretentious, loving and supportive!  It was the best."
-Kevin Tent, Crash Pad (2017)

"I love the fact that there is in Woodstock a film festival and I love the fact that it's now been for 16 years. And what it does is it opens the door to this art and probably to others as well..."Philippe Petit, subject of The Walk (2015)

"Our screening of Cold November at your festival was one of the most magical screenings for any film that I've ever had. There really is no other way to describe it other than magical. I cried in new places at my own movie that I have seen over 100 times. Thank you." -Karl Jacobs, Cold November (2017)

"Fiercely Independent means that you are permitted to make the film that you want to make, that you don't have to listen to the confines of a studio system or have other interests impose their vision over the kind of film you're making. It means that you and a bunch of spirited collaborators can go out and just share the story that you wish to put together...Without film festivals such as the Woodstock Film Festival, the level of filmmaking would just keep going down...[it's] what's keeping the spirit of indie filmmaking alive..." -Gregory Bray, P.h.D, Digital Media, Film & Video Studies, SUNY New Paltz

"It was a very inspiring night. All the independent spirit that was here touched me and inspired me. So thank you, Woodstock, for that, and I go home with some new energy." -Darren Aronofsky, Honorary Maverick Award recipient (2014)

"I've been very fortunate and lucky...I have an Oscar, I have an Emmy, I have a couple of Sundance things and I pushed them over and I put that [Woodstock Film Festival] Maverick Award right in the middle!" -Leon Gast, Academy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Woodstock: A Love Poem (2016)

"What a lovely weekend, and great event. I've been to lots of film festivals and yours now tops the list! Can't believe it took me 11 years to get there (we'll blame international travel!).- Jon Bowermaster

"I want to tell you how impressed, proud, amazed, inspired and invigorated I am by my experience at the festival this year. Over the last decade you have built this into a truly great festival which I say both by putting in the context of all the festivals out there, but also in terms of how it stands on its own, what it means to and reflects upon the community it serves, what it means to and reflects upon the artists and the art it serves and what it means to and reflects upon the filmmaking community as a whole. It's just a straight up, wonderful event that you should be very proud of." - Peter Saraf, Big Beach Films

“The Woodstock Film Festival is always a pleasure to attend, and the talent that is showcased always amazes me. It's a wonderful and important showcase for any independent filmmaker.” - Steve Buscemi

"There are a lot of film festivals but I think that the Woodstock Film Festival really champions independent film and that's why I like it. For some films, festivals like this are the only way an audience will actually see it. I'm always honored when the Woodstock Film Festival includes any film that I'm in."- Steve Buscemi, Actor, The Messenger and Youth In Revolt

"The Woodstock Film Festival is a delight for the creative spirit. It has all the energy of the big time show biz spectacles while remaining full of true integrity."  - Steve Guttenberg

"For over a hundred years, Woodstock has been a place of dreams and magic. It was a place of dreams for visual art, for crafts, for music, for popular music, for theater, for political philosophy, for alternative lifestyles and it is entirely fitting that Woodstock should become a place of dreams and magic for films at this time.'" – Elmer Bernstein, 14 time Academy Award nominated composer (2002)

"Salaama, Nikki, Meira and Joan and the rest of the smiling gang thank you for hosting me and three generations of family - we were all so moved by the beauty and the cheer and hospitality - and thank you again for the best award I have ever won! Love,"  – Mira Nair, Honorary Maverick Award recipient (2004)

"This is the place to be to show your movie."  – Gill Holland, Producer

"It's a wonderful festival." Liev Schreiber

"It's an honor to have a film show at the Woodstock Film Festival because obviously this place has a very important reputation and a very important history in the arts. To have a movie show here is an honor entirely appropriate and I would try to bring any movie here."Tim Blake Nelson, The Grey Zone

"Congratulations again on a stellar festival. You guys never disappoint in bring to my attention films that awe, inspire and move. Add that to a forum so conducive to meeting good people with similar interests and you have the formula for a truly great event."  – Stephen Hays, 120 DB Films

"The Festival was a powerhouse. A lot of good connections were made for Markertek." – Mark Braunstein, CEO of Markertek

"Thank you for another astounding film festival. Every film, reception, event we and our friends attended was absolutely astounding. We look forward to a continued involvement in sponsoring and supporting (as well as attending) the Woodstock Film Festival. Thank you for giving us something to be extremely proud of as residents of the Hudson Valley. There is a wealth of gifted, talented, sensitive, hardworking, caring people and the Woodstock Film Festival has done so much to bring these elements and people together. You both have much to be proud of."Sherry and Rick, full festival pass holders

"Woodstock and film and music are just a natural fit if you think about the history of this place and the reputation that it has.  It's so cool that this festival exists.  I love coming here!"Doreen Ringer Ross, BMI

"In an ideal world (and Woodstock's denizens specialize in Utopian visions), these all-too-common celluloid celebrations shouldn't just give out-of-towners a chance to schmooze; they should reflect and enhance the communities that spawn them. And in that respect, as it nears the five-year mark, Woodstock is becoming one of the most distinctive festivals on the circuit."Stephen Garrett, Time Out New York

"The festival really shows a lot of heart and passion and that is something that's really unique in the festival business and I really felt at home here. I had a wonderful time and I hate to leave."Bill Plympton, Animator