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Join director Signe Baumane, one of today’s boldest and most exciting animators, for two special screenings of ROCKS IN MY POCKETS.

Baumane creates a humorous spin on the narrative of five women in her family, each dealing with their own battle of depression and mental illness. "Rocks In My Pockets is a 100 year history of a family's mental illness told with the help of Art, Humor and Animation," said Baumane. "It covers ground from Latvia in early 1900s to New York in 2014. By showing depression as an animated character it makes it more fun. If you can visualize your depression as a funny animated character it becomes less threatening. Laugher is the best medicine, as we all know." Rather than keeping the topic of mental illness on the hush, Baumane decides to take it head on and truly venture into the depths of one's mind and environment. This animated adventure explores topics, such as war, politics, sex, and money and take the audience on one crazy ride to sanity.

Saturday July 25, 1pm
Upstate Rhinebeck, 6415 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck

Sunday July 25, 5pm
The Rosendale Theatre, 408 Main St, Rosendale

To purchase tickets in advance visit HVPG.ORG


The Woodstock Film Festival is excited to announce the special screening of Alex Gibney’s highly anticipated documentary STEVE JOBS: THE MAN IN THE MACHINE, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. The film will screen on Friday, August 14, 9:30pm at Upstate Films Woodstock before the wide release in September.

From Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, the creator of such controversial and thought-provoking films as Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, and The Armstrong Lie, comes another penetrating and contemplative exploration of contemporary society and the men and women who shape it: Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.

Perhaps the most publicly revered corporate figure of the technology age, Jobs’s untimely death at the age of 56 in 2011 set off a worldwide outpouring of grief from consumers who worshiped his signature products such as the iPhone and the iMac.

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is no corporate sanctioned hagiography and was made without Apple’s cooperation or that of Jobs’ immediate family. 

Gibney’s film is a laser-sharp and balanced assessment of the technology mogul, who was part iconoclast, part savvy corporate chieftain, part genius, part tyrant. Even if Apple’s products carried a small “i,” the ego behind them was writ large. Like many gifted entrepreneurs, it was no accident that his public persona as the face of Apple often eclipsed the valuable contributions of his talented colleagues. 

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is an evocative portrait of one man’s legacy. It unravels the larger than life myth Steve Jobs so deliberately crafted, and examines the perpetuation of his values, which continue to shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day.

Advance tickets are $10 and are available online. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. 
Tickets at the door will be $15.


On September 30, 7:15 at the Woodstock Playhouse, the 16th Woodstock Film Festival will kick off with the New York Premiere of The Poet of Havana, Ron Chapman’s energetic documentary about renowned Cuban songster Carlos Varela.

Following the screening, Cuba's legendary singer/songwriter will perform in concert. He will be joined on stage by Jackson Browne who is also featured in the film.

We are excited to present this timely and energetic event to Woodstock. Both rocker and troubadour, Varela’s controversial songs about frustration and yearning for freedom have made him an inspiration to his country’s youth, an independent voice in a country where few people have managed to speak their mind.

The Poet of Havana explores the cultural, political and social significance Varela has had in his 30 years as a singer-songwriter. A veteran of censorship battles with the Cuban government, his emotionally charged songs—raw, metaphoric chronicles of contemporary Cuban life— have drawn comparisons to Bob Dylan’s work.

The screening will be preceded by a Cocktail Reception at 6pm for Golden Circle ticket holders. All other ticket buyers will be admitted after the cocktail reception.

General admission tickets are $60, Golden Circle tickets are $100. To purchase ticketsCLICK HERE.


The Woodstock Film Festival is thrilled to announce the musically fueled World Premiere of 1 GIANT LEAP II: WHAT ABOUT ME?, co-directed by Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto on Friday evening, October 2, at the Woodstock Playhouse. A repeat screening is set for October 3 at the Rosendale Theatre Collective.

The non-linear, globe-trotting, and visually exhilarating film features appearances by Noam Chomsky, Eckhart Tolle, Tom Robbins, Tim Robbins, Stephen Fry, Bob Geldof, Billy Conolly, Gabrielle Roth, Deepak Chopra, Ram Das, Bhagavan Das, Krishna Das, Michael Stipe, Michael Franti, Baaba Maal, Maxi Jazz, Carlos Santana, Stewart Copeland, and many more.

Following the success of their double Grammy nominated film & album 1 Giant Leap, Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Catto went back on the road visiting 50 locations. The result is a lovingly pieced film that takes an inspiring and entertaining look at our collective insanity: How we are needy in relationships, insatiable in desire, addicted to status, wounded by childhood and unable to stop thinking, but how we still manage to be inspired and creative.

“It’s been a long time in the making and we now are proud to premiere the HD version of1 Giant Leap II : What About Me? at the Woodstock Film Festival,” said Bridgeman.

Tickets for this great World Premiere are now available. CLICK HERE.


On October 3, The BMI Music in Film Panel will feature Stewart Copeland, Krishna Dasand Duncan Bridgeman, among others, and will be moderated by Doreen Ringer-Ross, Vice President of TV & Film at BMI.

The BMI Music in Film Panel is an annual panel that features artists and directors who are influential in setting trends in music in the film industry.

The panel will take place Saturday, October 3, 12:00 PM at the Kleinert James Gallery in Woodstock. For tickets, visit BMI Music in Film Panel


The Woodstock Film Festival and Hudson Valley Film Commission have been in the news lately in a couple of magazine pieces.

The Guardian featured Meira in a "then and now" piece on the Town of Woodstock.

"It has become a film destination since we launched the festival 15 years ago. A lot of film people have moved here and tons of movies and TV shows are made here. I call it Indiewood on the Hudson. You’ll drive down a country road and see filming going on on either side."

You can read the entire article in THE GUARDIAN. 

UPSTATER recently featured a sit down with Woodstock Film Festival Executive Director Meira Blaustein on the history of the Woodstock Film Festival.

“Our initial volunteers simply loved film, they loved their community, they poured their heart and soul into the festival.”

The entire article, Lights, Camera, Magic can be found in UPSTATER.

A nine page spread entitled A LANDSCAPE OF FILM is featured in the summer 2015 edition of KAATSKILL LIFE. Click here to view the online version. 



July 24
Directed by Karem Sanga

The 2014 Woodstock Film Festival Official Selection THE YOUNG KIESLOWSKI will hit theaters on July 24th. Make sure to check it out in art houses everywhere.

Reminiscent of Juno (from the male perspective), The Young Kieslowski combines thoughtful writing and creative directing to bring us a quirky yet touching comedic love story of two teens and a pregnancy.

When Brian Kieslowski, a CalTech physics major and a reluctant virgin, meets Leslie Mallard, a self-proclaimed Christian and bible student, they uncharacteristically experience an intimate night of lovemaking. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of Brian losing Leslie’s phone number, the evening turns into a one-night stand and the two go on with their separate lives – until Leslie learns she is pregnant. The earth shattering news brings the teens back together on a turbulent journey of indecisions in which neither they nor the audience can foresee what the outcome will be.

Maintaining an offbeat, humorous style, peppered with awkward situations, amusing dialogue, fanciful imaginings and creative camera work, The Young Kieslowski delivers a touching and thoroughly entertaining story that will capture the hearts of young and old. —Svetlana Krotek


The Woodstock Film Festival welcomes back Markertek, a founding sponsor of the Woodstock Film Festival.

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The Markertek catalog has achieved cult status among digital media professionals as the ultimate design tool for creating the electronic infrastructure required to produce the majority of primetime television shows, feature films, commercials and chart-topping music hits, as well as all other areas in the audio and video industry.

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