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Woodstock, NY (June 2018) - On Saturday, June 23rd at 8:15 pm, the Woodstock Film Festival held a special screening of LEAVE NO TRACE, courtesy of Bleecker Street, at Upstate Films in Woodstock. The screening was followed by a Q&A with director Debra Granik. 

"I found the "LEAVE NO TRACE" captivating...made me think about homelessness in the USA, being homeless and surviving in the wilderness, being homeless and having PTSD and surviving in the wilderness, being homeless with PTSD and a teenage daughter and surviving .....This film was all this and more... We, the audience, learned a lot about filmmaking and the often tough choices a director has to make. A great experience. And many thanks Meira for bringing this film to town!" - Joan Snyder, artist

"[Director Debra Granik] made a film of grace and power, a story of people lost and found in America that often shows us at our noble and humble best. How rare and refreshing that is these days.” - Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

LEAVE NO TRACE is yet another example of how fortunate we are to see the film in an intimate setting, meet the director, and discover the art of the story. A father and daughter capture a seemingly safer life as survivalists and struggle to grow as individuals and remain a family. This film asks the audience to question their relationship with nature, love and who we are as individuals.

Read full release: http://woodstockfilmfestival.org/2018-leavenotracespecialscreening/