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Staff Picks 9/20

Officially 10 days until WFF 2015 Kickoff! All tickets sold online as well as in our Box Office at 13 Rock City Rd, Woodstock! Check out today's Staff Picks below:

Today's Documentary Staff Pick is 3 Still Standing, which follows three veteran stand-up comics as they struggle to survive the downfall of comedy in a changing world. Contemporaries of Robin Williams, Dana Carvey and others in the hotbed of San Francisco during the heady 1980s, success seems to be just one great set away for Will Durst, Larry "Bubbles" Brown and Johnny Steele. Now that the heyday is over and comedy seems to have taken a hiatus, the skilled live performers must seek new ways to reinvent their acts in an unfamiliar landscape of social media and online celebrity. With surprisingly serious intent - after all these men are comedians -- the "3" pursue creative ways to make their comebacks. 3 Still Standing is a 30-year roller-coaster ride through comedy's boom and bust, with recollections from contemporaries and close colleagues Rob Schneider and Paula Poundstone. And on a poignant note, we get to hear one of Robin Williams' last recorded interviews.


Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
10/1/2015, 8:00PM
*Special performance by Will Durst and Johnny Steele afterwards! Bearsville screening ONLY

10/2/2015, 1:00PM

Today's Narrative Staff Pick is Rendez-Vous. Simone needs a change. Together with her husband Eric and their two children, she buys a decrepit mansion in the south of France, to turn it into a home and B&B. While the chaos of the renovation grows, Simone flees into a thrilling affair with one of the French construction workers, the gorgeous twenty-year-old Michel. She slowly loses control of her life and the French dream turns into her worst nightmare.


Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
10/2/2015, 7:15PM

Upstate Films II RHINEBECK
10/4/2015, 1:00PM

Today, we are excited to feature one of our Special Events, Sporting Dreams (dir Leon Gast), which is screening alongside Barbara Kopple's Shelter.

Sporting Dreams depicts the intimate stories of three American families, we grasp that childhood and high school sports are still the bridge to attaining the American Dream.... for the child as well as the parent. Is it worth it? 

In Shelter: During the final year of an unprecedented national effort to end military veteran homelessness, two-time Academy Award winning director Barbara Kopple intimately documents the on-the-ground work of the veteran-founded community-based service organization, Veterans Resource Center, in Northern California. Sharing the struggles of those they seek to pull out of a life lived on the streets, Shelter tells a story of vets saving vets, delving into the psychological trauma created by military service, the effects that remain long after active duty, and the difficult road back to a normal life for these women and men.

*Courtesy of Al Jazeera


Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
Sat. 10/3/2015, 11:45AM

*The two WFF alumni directors will join after the screening for a special conversation and Q&A!


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