Staff Picks 9/25

WFF 2015 starts NEXT WEDNESDAY! We are so excited and we hope you are too! Check out some of our staff picks below. See you next week! 

In today's Documentary Staff Pick The Student Body, tenth grade filmmaker Bailey Webber is on a mission. The investigation begins when her school district implements a controversial mandate forcing schools to perform Body Mass Index tests in a misguided attempt to address childhood obesity. After a sixth grader voices her protest against the "fat letters," Webber recognizes the injustice of telling children they are fat if they don't fall within a narrowly accepted range. Believing they are being unfairly profiled and bullied, her keen inquiry includes a relentless chase after the bureaucrat who sponsored the law. Whether she is staging a vigil at the state house, or interviewing health experts for their input, Bailey never loses her cool. Her dogged pursuit is always done with poise and immense charm. Despite the filmmaker's youth, The Student Body is a sophisticated, smart, steadfast, sensitive, and often humorous chronicle of two brave girls who expose the hypocrisy of grownups who think they are safeguarding the nation's young.

Upstate Films II RHINEBECK
10/3/2015, 1:00PM $10
Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
10/4/2015, 2:30PM $10


Summer (Zomer), today's Narrative Feature Staff Pick and one of the films featured in our Spotlight on Dutch Cinema, centers on 16-year-old Anne, who longs to escape the confines of her small town until she meets Lena, the new girl in town who rides a motorbike, wears leather, and is different from everybody else. Capturing the awkward tenderness of youth and innocence as the two girls quickly form a bond and fall in love, director Colette Bothof crafts a beautiful story of sexual awakening and a girl daring to be different. 

Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
Sat. 10/3/2015, 10:00PM

Sun. 10/4/2015, 5:00PM


Shorts: No Trespassing

In the four excellent shorts comprising our Shorts Program: No Trespassing characters enter unknown domains, sometimes finding danger and sometimes finding themselves.  

WOODSTOCK Community Center
10/3/2015 4:15 PM   $10
Orpheum Theater SAUGERTIES
10/4/2015 5:30 PM   $10