Staff Picks 9/18

Only 12 days until the 2015 Woodstock Film Festival kicks off! Check out today's staffs picks below: 

Today's Narrative Feature Staff Pick, The Missing Girl follows quintessential comic book store owner, Morty, as his humdrum existence is interrupted by the too-beautiful-to-be-working-as-a-clerk Ellen, a burgeoning artist and satirist. When Ellen suddenly disappears, Morty sets out to find her, confronting his past and his future on the way. Director A.D. Calvo cleverly balances the tension and suspense, seamlessly integrating illustrations and split scenes in classic graphic novel layout, as Morty searches for a girl who perhaps isn't missing at all.


Fri. 10/2/2015, 9:00PM
Bearsville Theater WOODSTOCK
Sat. 10/3/2015, 7:30PM



Today's Documentary Staff PickA Woman Like Me blends documentary and narrative to depict director Alex Sichel's fight with terminal breast cancer. When Sichel learns she has metastatic breast cancer, she decides to persevere by making a movie about a woman facing the same diagnosis, displaying as much optimism as she can, while simultaneously documenting her own experience. The result is two movies unfolding side-by-side, proceeding with unflinching honesty, humor and an enormous dose of personal strength. 

Upstate Films II RHINEBECK
Sat. 10/3/2015, 6:30PM
Upstate Films WOODSTOCK
Sun. 10/4/2015, 2:15PM



In the four excellent shorts comprising our Shorts Program: No Trespassing characters enter unknown domains, sometimes finding danger and sometimes finding themselves.  

THE CUT THROUGHdirected by Weldon Powers
A bored suburban husband follows the neighborhood kids and discovers a mysterious portal in the woods leading to a better, more exciting life.

MOUNTAIN LOWdirected by Andy J. Bruntel
A solitary Game Warden spends one last day with his estranged daughter before she moves to California. When he sidetracks their day to investigate a strange sound heard deep in the woods, he risks their safety and jeopardizes his deep desire to reconnect.

WAIT 'TIL THE WOLVES MAKE NICE, directed Jessica dela Mercad
Confronting boredom in a crumbling southwest Detroit neighborhood, four young kids are tempted into sacrilege and destruction by the cool apathy of the older new kid in town.

WINTER LIGHTdirected by Julian Higgins
When an aging college professor confronts two trespassing hunters, he begins a battle of wills that tests his faith in everything he holds dear. Based on a story by acclaimed author James Lee Burke and starring Raymond J. Barry (JustifiedDead Man Walking), Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men), "Winter Light" is a modern-day Western thriller.

WOODSTOCK Community Center
Sat. 10/3/2015 4:15 PM
Orpheum Theater SAUGERTIES
Sun. 10/4/2015 5:30 PM