Buried Above Ground: Pre-Screening Reception and Post-Screening Discussion to Bookend Sunday's Screening at Bearsville

3-5 PM 10/4 @ THE BEAR CAFE

Sunday's screening of BURIED ABOVE GROUND (5:15PM @ Bearsville Theater) will be preceded by a special reception at the Bear Cafe.


In observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, BURIED ABOVE GROUND has partnered with National Alliace for Mental Health(NAMI) Mid-Hudson and the Washbourne House to present a thoughtful and informative post-screening discussion and Q&A about PTSD, domestic violence, and mental health. Participants include:

  • Director Ben Selkow
  • Cast member Erundina Lopez
  • Tina Lee, Director of Public Relations for NAMI (Mid-Hudson)
  • Karen Storch, Program Director, The Washbourne House 
  • Mike Iapoce, Chairman, Ulster County Interagency Council on Domestic Violence

Buried Above Ground brings to light the global health condition we now recognize as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by sharing the courageous journeys of three Americans wrestling with the aftermath of devastating events. The film broadens the scope of PTSD beyond combat veterans to include other forms of debilitating trauma that currently impact 450 million people worldwide. Struggle along with U.S. Army captain Luis Montalvan, back from the Iraq War, as he learns to cope with his inner war wounds and resurface via the bond he forms with his service dog, Tuesday. Relive Hurricane Katrina with evacuee Ashley as she pledges to rebuild her home while she rebuilds herself. Empathize with Erundina, fighting to stay sober and go back to school after surviving child abuse and domestic violence. Filmed over six years, with intimate access to these survivors as they unburden themselves of the past, Buried Above Ground pays tribute to the human spirit and the skill of the filmmaker.

All press and interested parties invited to reception and post-screening discussion. 

Tickets are still available for the screening.
10/4 5:15PM @ Bearsville Theater