The Woodstock Film Festival is proud to announce four films making their North American premiere at this year's festival. These innovative films are sure to intrigue audiences, while also unveiling their works in North America for the first time ever.

Dreams by the Sea, directed by Sakaris Stora

Where do you go when everyone knows who you are and your every move is whispered around town? On the remote Faroe Islands, surrounded by the North Atlantic crashing onto the rocky shores, Ester goes about her mundane life, quietly obeying her religious parents. One day the rebellious Ragna moves to town and Ester is smitten. Through the summer, the girls roam the island together, dreaming of something different, something better. Dreams by the Sea is a visually stunning and emotionally gratifying exploration of our innate desire to stray from the ordinary and discover something new. It’s easier to follow the crowd when the unknown is literally a world away. “Use your wings,” Ragna tells Ester, a metaphor for taking life into your own hands and turning an undesirable situation around to work in your favor. Dreams by the Sea is an exciting directorial debut from one of the Faroe Islands most promising young filmmakers.

Karl Berger - Music Mind, directed by Julian Benedikt

Legendary jazz improvisational pioneer and longtime Woodstock resident Karl Berger is celebrated with intimacy and grandeur in Karl Berger - Music Mind. The film traces his journey from Heidelberg to Paris to New York to Woodstock, culminating with his celebrated anniversary concert at this year's Theaterhaus Jazz Festival in Stuttgart. Berger, who founded the Creative Music Studio (CMS) with jazz innovator Ornette Coleman and singer/wife Ingrid Sertso, first encountered jazz by playing with U.S. soldiers who were stationed in postwar Germany. In a film rich with interviews, music and archival footage, Music Mind provides an inside look into the creative process and unique approach toward music that makes Karl Berger...Karl Berger. 

Love Revisited, directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk

*See film information below under Focus on Dutch Cinema*

Here and Now, directed by Roman Shumunov

In Ashdod, a sea-side city in Israel, home to a large Russian speaking immigrant community, Andrey and his buddies struggle to keep their families afloat while dreaming of success as a hip-hop band. We have to move on though it's not always easy, but the most important thing is to keep the spirit and the faith, they rap in their native Russian at the edgy hip-hop clubs. But keeping the spirit gets harder and harder as Andrey's life spirals out of control and the risk of losing the home he and his young sister live in becomes imminent. As he is forced to make dangerous choices in order to save his home and family, the musicians' dream of making their voices heard at an international music festival, and rising out of their harsh reality, seems to fade. Gritty and tender, Here and Now is an authentic social drama that is as universal as it is human.


WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE (13 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY) will be open:

September 12 to October 7 • Wednesday through Sunday, from Noon-6PM (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

October 8-13 • Daily from 9AM to 7PM

October 14 • 9AM to 6PM

The Woodstock Film Festival is honored to have the return of this year's Focus on Dutch Cinema, marking it the fourth year of this international treasure. Sponsored by the Netherlands Consulate and in collaboration with Bruce Weiss (Ironworks Productions), the Woodstock Film Festival has programmed three outstanding Dutch films to showcase the vast range Dutch cinema has to offer:

Love Revisited, directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk

It is said that true love never dies; you can put out the fire, but not the flame. In Love Revisited, Ton and Fransje, both in their sixties and long divorced, are brought back together by the sudden death of their adult son. Compelled to console one another over the tragedy they share, old feelings are rekindled and before you know it, a love affair rages between them that is as tender as it is uncomfortable. They try to keep their renewed relationship to themselves, but things get complicated once their families become more and more involved. Directed assuredly by one of Netherlands' most accomplished female directors, Love Revisited is delivered masterfully and with a lighthearted tone.

Dorst (Craving), directed by Saskia Diesing

Lovely, young Coco has no idea what to do with her life. Plagued by numerous questions about her childhood, she is desperate for any kind of love. Based on the novel by one of Netherlands' finest authors, Esther Gerritsen, who collaborated with director Saskia Diesing on the script, it is clear from the start that Coco's relationship with her mother is strained, and her powerful older lover is rather dispassionate. When she learns her aloof, albeit charming mother is terminally ill, Coco decides to move in and dedicate herself to caring for her even though her mother isn't interested in having her there. The timeless question of what it means to be 'family' anchors Craving, and the three strong lead roles are perfectly cast in this very intimate, personal and lustful comedy that runs the gamut from hilarious to, at times, outright uncomfortable.

Younger Days, directed by Paula van der Oest

From one of Netherlands’ most celebrated female directors comes the story of an eclectic group of middle-aged, former band mates who reunite at a large country house, decades after their band disbanded, to scatter the ashes of their deceased front man on the anniversary of his birthday. As old relationship are quickly revisited and relived, the gathering is interrupted by the arrival of one of the friends’ striking, young, blonde girlfriend. The sharp contrast between those in their fifties and the attending twenty-something-year-olds is palpable as conversations about midlife crisis, addiction, infidelity, and loneliness traverse the generations. Guided by a strong cast, Younger Days is as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is utterly entertaining.

This year, the Woodstock Film Festival is proud to present films written, filmed, directed, and edited by passionate teens. The Woodstock Film Festival's Youth Initiative is supported by the Thompson Family Foundation. Three out of the ten films were created by students who participated in the Summer Youth Film Lab, a three week immersive program underwritten by an anonymous donor, which gives teenagers an opportunity to learn about the art of film and practice the full spectrum of the filmmaking process with guidance from accomplished film industry professionals.

Mirror Mirror, directed by Youth Film Lab participant Jacob Internicola

After The Collapse, directed by Youth Film Lab participant Ethan Laclaverie

Past the Fear, directed by Youth Film Lab participant Samuel Levine

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Suburbia, directed by Alex Alford and Zak Denley

I Am The Only One, directed by Aicha Cherif

Inclusion On The Air, directed by Eli Canter

Silence, directed by Camille Dobbs

Wake Up, directed by Maura Palden

Can't Hurry Love, directed by Lola Cook

Along the Water, directed by Marissa Gaylin

Thank you to everyone who came to this year's Launch Party. Special thanks to Tuttles Bar & Grill, Ketel One, Ca’ Di Rajo Prosecco by Barterhouse, and all of the filmmakers! 21 more days until the festival, who's excited?

Our festival staff and interns have selected some of their favorite fiercely independent films that are being screened at the upcoming 19th Annual Woodstock Film Festival.

A Murder In Mansfield, directed by Barbara Kopple

A boy’s testimony convicts his father for the murder of his mother. 26 years later, the son returns to his hometown.

The Advocates, directed by Rèmi Kessler

The front-line fight to end homelessness through care in the community.

Ghost Light, directed by John Stimpson

The story of an unfortunate Shakespearean Troupe that unleashes the infamous curse of Macbeth with horrifying results.

Netizens, directed by Cynthia Lowen

Netizens exposes the proliferation of cyber harassment faced by women.

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