The Woodstock Film Festival offers individuals unique, hands-on INTERNSHIP opportunities.
Interns learn administrative practices, management skills, and fundraising strategies associated with the film, media arts industry and the running of a not-for-profit 501c3 arts organization. Interns will work scheduled hours at the festival's year round office in Woodstock, or on-site for special events and during festival operations. Interns will assist staff with the organization and production of film festival events and Hudson Valley Film Commission projects. Interns will have contact with industry professionals of all levels including festival directors, project managers, graphic designers, web developers, filmmakers, distributors, members of the press and many others.

Below are testimonials from former interns detailing their many positive experiences with the Woodstock Film Festival.

 Paul Rudd posing for a photo with interns and staffers

Paul Rudd posing for a photo with interns and staffers

Kendal - Press Intern (later staffer) - 2017

I began as an intern for the press department my spring semester of my senior year (I attended Marist College). It was a very easy commute and the town of Woodstock is a very cute and fun place to go a few times a week. I had a good amount of responsibilities which included: Developed templates for monthly newsletters and press releases on Squarespace to send to relevant media outlets. Lead outreach to local colleges, businesses, media outlets and film collectives resulting in calendar placements/coverage. Edited and provided content for specific sections of grant proposal about the organization and events. These were just a few of my responsibilities, but every day you got to learn and try something new. Everyone was always patient and ready to answer any and all questions. I learned about things I never would have imagined, such as a little bit of coding and the Dreamweaver system. It is an amazing learning environment.

I came back at the beginning of September as a staff member, specifically co-director of the press department for the festival. The office was packed with motivated, inspiring and driven people who always had a great and positive attitude. They were the best coworkers and I learned so much from them. You meet an incredible amount of film industry people, who you can develop lasting relationships with as well. 

You have a lot to do on your own and need to be very self-motivated, and you work under high-stress and face-paced conditions, but it is the best experience. I now have a massive amount of knowledge that has since helped me to gain interviews and also land a job in NYC.

Of everything I did as a student, this was by far the most beneficial and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly suggest becoming a part of the Woodstock Film Festival any way that you can. If you have any questions about my experience please feel free to email me at:

Cecilia - Press intern 2017

"Dear prospective Woodstock Film Festival intern/employee,

I am excited to share with you some information about my experience at the Woodstock Film Festival. I began working with the team soon after my graduation and loved every minute of it. The work I was asked to do was hands-on and extremely engaging. Needless to say, I learned A LOT… everyday something new. The team I worked with was caring, kind, and really fun! Never a dull moment at the office. The commute from Poughkeepsie to Woodstock was pleasant and typically took under an hour. Woodstock itself is a quaint little town with lots of charm, I loved being able to walk around during my lunch break and often stayed around after work to check out the cute stores and delicious food joints. 

In the months leading up to the festival there was a lot of planning, coordinating, and arranging… which for me meant a lot of emails and google docs. Eventually I got to work with Squarespace, which I really enjoyed once I got the hang of it. A lot of that work was for newsletters, blog posts, and the actual website, which made me feel like what I was doing was really crucial. My duties did require a lot of research and outreach to both organizations and individuals, to develop buzz and interest around the accepted films. Confidentiality was an important aspect of this internship, but really easy to adhere. 

Once the festival was actually in full motion, there were parties and events that were work, but nevertheless still lots of fun. Meeting people in the film industry was definitely a highlight, and I also benefitted from making connections with local media. As most communications jobs will have there was always social media work to be done, along with newsletters and press releases, which was great to build on the foundation of basics I learned in college. 

There was definitely opportunity for my own independence and initiative, which was really rewarding. Requirements to succeed at the Woodstock Film Festival are: good communication skills, an ability to work in a fast-paced environment under high stress, and a tough skin, to handle what ever comes your way. Be ready to hit the ground running and work hard, but keep in mind it is all worth it. I would recommend to anyone that they be a part of the Woodstock Film Festival in any way shape or form because it is truly a priceless experience, that one will come out of feeling fulfilled and enriched with knowledge and wonderful people. 

Best of luck.


Evan - OPS intern (later staffer) 2015

As a former intern, I want to help to hone your willingness to try new things, your organizational/workplace skills, your abilities in many different softwares, while you’re working with one of the most talented teams in the film festival world. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already have these skills under your belt, but there is always more to learn. I learn new things every day, which is just one of the things that makes working at the Woodstock Film Festival so great

Heather - Press/pr intern 2012

This is an amazing festival, with a great group of people making it happen. 

Bridget - guest relations intern (later staffer) 2011

There is so much work to be done when organizing the festival, but it is so rewarding when the festival comes. Expect to have laugh and have fun! The people that put together the festival every year are a great team.


Alana - Press/pr intern (later staffer) 2012

You’ll become versed in more programs than you ever thought; InDesign, Photoshop, FileMaker, Dreamweaver, and so much more. Be prepared for an entire cast of characters and not only expanding your current skills, but also learning some new ones. Enjoy your internship, you’ll grow from it more than you know!

Pete Spengeman Marketing and Events intern 2012

Have fun! Come in with a good attitude and you shall be rewarded with a great experience. Get used to zipping around Woodstock and the surrounding area. If you’re asked to do errands, embrace it – you’ll get to be driving around one of the most beautiful places in New York. ....the people in the office are super friendly, very supportive, and extremely kind. Keep in mind how lucky you are to be working with these people, and appreciate the warm atmosphere that comes with it!

Maisy - Ops intern 2012

Everyone at WFF is here to help you learn and gain wonderful experiences from your time at the festival. 

Jeremiah - Ops intern (later staff) 2011

Have fun: The number one export of the WFF. Be yourself, I promise everyone will like you.  We’re fans of interesting characters.